Carry Confidence

    Barranti Leather is proud to introduce our new line of concealed carry holsters. These holsters were designed to address issues that can make traditionally styled holsters less than ideal for concealed carry. 

    What issues? Traditionally styled holsters tend to have a narrow belt loop which concentrates the weight of the over a small area of the belt. This tends to drag the belt down, which then makes the wearer constantly tug at their belt. Additionally, the narrow belt loop doesn’t do enough to keep the gun pulled in snug to the body; the gun basically hangs off the belt, making concealment at the very least, difficult, except under a bulky cover garment. Furthermore, holsters for short barreled handguns can roll outward on anything but the stiffest belts, allowing the butt of the gun to lean out away from the body.

    The modern pancake holster as introduced by the late Roy Baker solved many of these problems in a non-traditional package. The late Skeeter Skelton said of Roy’s holsters that “...they resemble nothing more closely than an old time, big-skillet flapjack with some belt loops cut in it. To a traditionalist like me, it takes a lot of cud chewing to swallow a gun shuck that’s such a departure in style from what 35 years of pistol toting has accustomed me to.” That said, the pancake style holster spreads the weight of the gun over a much larger area of the belt making it comfortable in use. 

    What makes a pancake holster work is the fore and aft belt loop slots that use the belt to pull both the front and rear of the holster in towards the body. With that in mind, along with the other shortcomings of a traditional style holster, I set out to build a traditional looking outside the waistband (OWB) holster that would conceal well, and allow comfortable carry all day long.

    After testing by myself and others, we are pretty satisfied that we have a winner. A wide but not too-wide belt loop spreads the weight of the handgun out, reducing drag on the belt. The design of the belt loop not only pulls the butt of the gun in to your side, it also draws the leading edge of the holster in towards the belt, an aid to concealment. The belt loop slot-cut allows the holster to be positioned over your pants belt loop which adds to the holster stability. The Barranti Beltloop Wedge provides stability on the belt, keeps the gun snug to your side, and prevents even a short barreled holster from rolling out on your belt. Lastly, the tension screw gives positive retention while still allowing for fast presentation. 

    We present to you the CCR and CCP. These will be available for a variety of handguns, and will soon be a part of the Barranti Leather Direct Line.

    Custom options such as stamping or carving are available upon request. If your handgun is not listed, contact us for availability.